Draw, Paint, Wash, USE AGAIN AND AGAIN!
Use washable felt ballpoint, washable with water
or wipe with  wet towel.
Or you can use colored pencils and you can erase with eraser.
You can use the same pages over and over.
Now, the entertainment is starting!

Produced by PP. It does not contain PVC and harmful
substances. While using washable felt ballpoint, in order for the paint to be less
contaminated with the hand, it should be continued downwards from the top.
When recommended washable felt ballpoint pens are used, the paint will
come out when you wash it, even if it is hand-smoked or contaminated.
You can leave some work on the page without washing/ erasing it
or you can make it permanent by photographing.
A different pen or paint should not be used other than
a washable felt-pen or colored pencils.
The pages should be dry with a dry cloth or paper tissue after
washing with water.
It should not be in contact with hot.

Do not folded or cut

You should process your return as follows:

You can initiate your return process with the "Return and Return" application within 7 days from the delivery date of your product.

To return the product, you must send it to the Academy Child with the original box and the invoice. In order for your Iadeniz to be accepted, the product must be undamaged and unused.

For more detailed information, you can visit Return