Funny Mats are Educational: Funny Mat Development Set comes in 40 different designs and functions and it contains a Funny Mat and a set of pens. The mats are specially designed in line with the concepts of the curriculum. Funny Mats are Artistic: The designs on the Funny Mat can be colored with water based felt-tip pens. Additional drawings can be added to the mat. The colors are easily washed off with water or a wet cloth and the mat can be colored again. Funny Mats are Functional: Funny mat can also be used as a table top protector. It can be used as a table cover during activities involving play dough, clay or water colors. Funny Mats are Fun: Funny Mat can be used as a place mat for meal times. The children’s meal times are more enjoyable with the fun designs. Funny Mats are Environmentally Friendly: Funny Mat can be cleaned and used repeatedly. Mats are very durable and can be recycled. And more importantly, they reduce paper waste. Funny Mats are Safe: Funny Mats are produced from PP, not PVC. They do not contain any hazardous material.

30X40 cm

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