Now your summer vacation, school breaks, school trips, camps and trips to the museums will be unforgettable with your photos, notes... You can do researches, take notes, take photos, make sketches, write about your memories, you can keep your tickets and paste stickers. It is not just looking at things, but also seeing what's behind and sharing all your memories with your loved ones. Improve your skills in taking trip notes and keeping a journal. Have a portfolio of your journey including all the details from beginning to the end...

You should process your return as follows:

You can initiate your return process with the "Return and Return" application within 7 days from the delivery date of your product.

To return the product, you must send it to the Academy Child with the original box and the invoice. In order for your Iadeniz to be accepted, the product must be undamaged and unused.

For more detailed information, you can visit Return